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Super Prof is the hand tools brand for professionals such as plasterers, tilers, bricklayers, jointers, dry builders, gibo builders, floor layers and painters.

Super Prof tools offer quality, ergonomics and innovation and contribute to true craftsmanship, working comfort and productivity.


Super Prof concepts

Meet our wide range of high-quality hand tools, PPE, work clothing and shoes.

Plasterer - Pure - Leather handgrip

The Pure concept of Super Prof is equipped with an ergonomic leather handgrip, which gives a good grip and absorbs the moisture better. This improves work comfort and productivity.

The concept consists of a full range of plastering trowels, finishing trowels, plastering spatula's and finishing spatula's for the plasterer.

Plasterer - Pure COMFORT trowel

This concept consists of Super Prof Pure COMFORT plastering and finishing trowels in various stainless steel blade sizes and blade thicknesses. This innovative trowel is characterized by its ergonomic design. Not only does the COMFORT trowel have a leather handle, but also a light carbon handle that is sustainably produced.

New plasterer concept

Thanks to our extensive experience with plasterers we can offer you a perfect concept with the soft handgrip, possibly adapted to your wishes.

A concept may consist of finishing trowels, plastering trowels, plastering/finishing spatula‚Äôs, Comfort Profiles, Twisters and floats.

Aluminium straight edge profiles

This concept contains 5 types of profiles: the floor profile, trapezium profile, trapezoid-shaped profile, the h-profile and double h-profile.

Comfort Profiles

The Comfort Profile and Comfort Profile Next, made from aluminium, are ideal for super smooth finishing of (big) surfaces. Works fast and minimal loss of plastering material. Almost not necessary to sand later.


We are providing all the tools a Tiler needs. Super Prof responds to the recent developments in the market. Our tile trowels are available in all common sizes and toothings, but also large sizes and large toothings are available.

A concept may consist of tile trowels, insert boards, grout floats, scrapers, hammers, hole saws, squeegees, air bleeding rollers, knee protectors, cleaning basins and cleaning sponges.

Brick layer and Brick jointer

The fully welded Super Prof brick trowels, such as the Antwerpen, Brussel, Floreffe and Parijs types, are equipped with a Pure leather handle, soft handle or wooden handle.

In collaboration with TNO, Super Prof offers the bricklayer the SMART brick trowel. This brick trowel reduce the pressure on the muscles and nerves. In addition to this innovation, this concept also includes traditional wooden brick trowels, joint trowels, chisels, palettes for jointing and a joint master.

Brick layer and Brick jointer Belgium

Especially for the Belgian market, in addition to the Antwerpen, Brussel, Floreffe and Parijs types, this concept also has the 'Charleroi' brick trowel type. This is of course also equipped with a Pure leather handle, soft handle or wooden handle.

In this concept Super Prof offers many other tools such as the wooden brick trowel, palettes for jointing, joint trowel, mason's strings and the Super Prof joint master.

Gypsum block constructor

For the Gypsum block constructor, Super Prof has a concept that contains high-quality saws for aerated concrete and gypsum blocks, glue comb scoops, joint rakers and plasterer's planers.


For the Drywaller, Super Prof offers a complete package to install and finish a perfect plaster board.

Floor layer

The concept for the floor layer consists of floor trowels, floor squeegees, sanding boards and air bleeding roller. Within this range you will also find hand tools that are equipped with our universal 'Multi Click' system. Think of the different sizes of spiked air bleeding rollers, screeds and matching handle. 

This concept is often combined with other concepts.


The concept contains rollers, paint brackets, extension handles, brushes, whitewash brushes, radiator brushes, paint trays, paint buckets, scraping knives and accessories.

Mixer paddles

This concept contains 16 mixer paddles with a diversity of shapes and lengths. Especially for mixing cement, lime, paint and egaline.

The mixer paddles are available in two different connections: hexagon (drill bit) M14 x 2 (rifling).

Wipers, brooms and cleaning products

Super Prof offers an extensive range of wipers, brooms and cleaning tools.

Ground and digging tools

The concept contains concrete shovels, spades, ballast shovels and sand shovels. 

Hose pipes and connectors

Various presentations are possible. You can choose a customized concept for instance. We can advise you at all times.

NOVUS tackers and staples

We offer you a qualitative and balanced range of tackers & staples. The NOVUS brand meets all your needs. 

SOLA measuring tools

This concept contains various levels, measuring tapes and folding rules.

CARBIDE sanding materials

CARBIDE is an extremely hard and versatile sanding material. The sanding plates for electrical machines are suitable for the well-known brands such as Bosch, Metabo, Festool, etc.

FULL CIRCLE sanding materials

This concept contains a number of specially designed sanding plates, sandpapers and telescopic handle that allows you to work quickly without losing quality.

PBM articles

Personal protection is becoming increasingly important.

Dust masks, hearing protection, gloves and safety helmets are part of a high-quality range of PPE products.

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